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Originally Posted by Trueduckfan View Post
I bet I do. Other than this you can't get me to take anything even money from people that are willing to just hand it to me What about me doing something for it.
This is ridiculous. They're free!!!! I take 1 to 3 at most From 1 location Out of atleast 20 in town Where they sit for a week because nobody else tookem!

Do me a favor, you guys that don't know anything about these, stay out of it please. The guy that started this conversation I think was just pissed cuz he always misses them or mad he didn't think of it. If the people running the stores and shops don't care and tell me to take as many as I want then I'm pretty sure it's not an issue.

And the fans in New York appreciate these. Also look it the asking price on these: after shipping fees an envelope I'm lucky if I make a dollar. Whoo Hoo.

Hey there's a guy here in town that gets the oregon players to sign his mini helmets and then he sells them for at least 50 each! Better go stop him too.
But you sell oregon signed stuff too, don't you?
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