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Default Topps Five Star Project...Updated 12/17!! More Scans!!

I am not a prospector...I am not a flipper...I am a collector. I buy cards for one simple reason. I want to own them...forever.

2012 Topps Five Star is the perfect product for me. It is so outrageously expensive on a per card basis that I have absolutely zero interest in busting any of it. However, as a Josh Hamilton, HOFer Auto, and other Rangers cards collecter it is fantastic. Lots of great players and on-card autos!!Simply go buy the singles I want and let everyone else have the rest.

Inspired by a couple of other board members I decided to see how many PC cards I could get for the cost of a box...around $400. My rules were that would include the shipping cost (if any) in the total and try to get 14 cards (twice as many as in a normal box). And, other than Hamilton I couldn't buy a player more than once.

Although I could buy expensive patch cards, etc, it would eat into my budget so those were most likely out.

I thought I would show my progress so far and solicit opinions as to what card(s) to go after next. Here is the haul. The cards are representative cards I have bought. All of mine are still on the way.

Rangers PC:

Mike Napoli Auto Relic /55 - $13

Josh Hamilton PC:

Jumbo Jersey /92 - $15

Active Player Auto /150 - $39

Active Player Auto Silver /25 - $49

Auto Relic /55 - $53

HOFer Auto PC:

Orlando Cepeda Retired Player Auto /208 - $16

Dennis Eckersley Retired Player Auto /208 - $16

Billy Williams Retired Player Auto /208 - $15

Fergie Jenkins Retired Player Auto /208 - $15

Ryne Sandberg Retired Player Auto /106 - $31

Carl Yasztremski Retired Player Auto /62 - $35

Paul Molitor Retired Player Auto Silver /25 - $25

Total spent to date (11/21): $322. I have $78 more to spend.

What do you think? Who else should I try to go after? Please let me know if you see any great deals out there!!

Thanks for the long read.
Collector of HOFer Autos (I have 219 different and over 1,600 total) and HOFer Game used cards.

Semi-retired collector of Josh Hamilton, Michael Young and Ivan Rodriguez

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