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I really enjoyed 154, especially the last 2 fights. I thought we were in trouble with the way the Cote/Sakara fight ended but it turned out ok overall. I love Kampmann but I had a feeling about Hendricks to the point of having the cheapest BIN auto of his on the bay up on my ebay mobile app before the fight started and was in the process of paying for it before Martin was standing up. I hear from people who have trained with JH that his success with landing big strikes has developed this underestimation for his ground skills which are supposed to be sick.

Condit really hung in there with GSP after 2 rounds which didn't go his way but GSP was just too much. Granted they both look like they were in a fight afterwards unlike some of the other "elite" fighters after these highly-promoted matches but for a guy who said to everyone how he wasn't considering himself the champion until he beat GSP Condit did not seem to fight that way IMO. I know what his style typically is but when you know walking in that your opponent is better than you (provided he was 100%) you have to be more assertive and when you've lost 3 of 4 rounds you need to go for broke in round 5. I'm no insider but I get the impression that some of these guys think it is somehow better to lose an obvious (50-45 anyone?) decision than to get KO'd trying to end the fight when you're clearly losing. As Iron Maiden famously sang, "Die With Your Boots On!"

Finally, is anyone less excited for this Nelson/Mitrione fight than me? Because these may very well be my two least favorite fighters this side of Josh Koscheck. I enjoyed elements of this TUF season but this is as disappointing a climax as I could imagine, I seriously may not even watch. I would rather have had no fight than this, at least then I wouldn't feel guilty about not watching it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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