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People don't read. I've learned that being on ebay for well over a decade. They ask questions that are clearly answered in the description, they get belligerent when you don't answer them the way they want and Ebay/PP will almost always side with them. As the seller, you take all the risk by putting the item up for sale to begin with so when anything goes wrong you have to go by the antiquated philosophy that the customer is always right. Even when they are not. My advice would be the following: a) try to work out a lesser price based on the value that they thought they were getting. Some money and no negative feedback is better than no money and negative feedback. BUT do not send it as a refund to the original transaction, send it as goods to their account as a different transaction so they have to leave you positive feedback or you can start a claim against them. b) Stop putting more than one item in a given picture. As good as it may be to encourage people looking at your other items it will more often confuse the buyer and lead to more trouble than it's worth. People need simplicity. Also more people are shopping on mobile now and scans with multiple items in it do not show up well in many cases on a small screen. Sometimes I have a hard enough time seeing what the item's condition is when it's close up on my phone let alone having 2-9 cards in a scan. Good luck with your issue and future sales!
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