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depends how many you are going to flip on the person. if its just one or two and you know that you are going to get them done, pick up cheap clipboards at a dollar store or something and attach them to that. I used to do that, it worked ok. Now I work in volume, I've flipped sometimes 25-30 photos on a person. how do I do this? I have a peice of strong cardboard 8x10 size, put all the photos on top of that in my left hand and then when they sign one, take it off the top then use my 3 fingers on the bottom of the board to hold the signed ones. the key to this is to keep the photos on the bottom seperate for a few seconds so they dont get smudged. hope this helps a bit.

I also do film festivals as well. for this there are usually about a hundred names at the fest. I have a accordion file folder that I use to put the photos in as far as organization goes. I keep them in two folders, one for males and one for females, all in alphabetical order. then when I see one of them I can pull the photos fast.

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