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You want to make a thread on the guy previously and come in here and say how slow he was YET you left him positive feedback? You make absolutely no sense in my opinion. If I make a post on someone for pathetic service and/or potential issues Im not about to leave them glowing feedback as you have for the member in question.

Originally Posted by tmoore_25 View Post
Below is my link to the dealings I have had with kingah. We made two trades and on one, he had my card in hand and up on the board for sale/trade before even shipping his end of the deal. I will say that I did eventually recieve my cards but he is extremely slow with getting them in the mail.

I will give the same advice as others gave me. If someone has low/little trader feedback, ask that they send first. OR since both of you have low/little feedback, ask a mod or someone who has a very good reputation on the board to be the middle man. Each of you ship your cards to him and he sends them out once he recieves both ends of the deal.

Good luck.

Think I may be getting scammed by a BO member.
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