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Had a few nice returns this week.

Monday I got back a few ttm from:

Dallas Clark

Mario Williams, nice to get one back from a #1 overall draft pick

Mark May, sent only one but received back 2 signed. Sent to espn

On Wednesday I got back 2 other great returns.

I was really excited to get this back. First one came back from Roddy White. Signed a custom Photoshop picture that I made. Pretty quick return as well.

Next return comes from a nascar legend. Richard Petty. I'm not personally a fan of nascar but I got these 2 for my dad & grandfather who are huge nascar and petty fans. Going to get these framed and give these to them for Christmas I can't wait

Then today I got back my favorite & biggest return to date.

I kinda took a shot in the dark on this one. Wasn't sure if he'd sign or not. Only sent the upper deck but he sent back 2 signed! When I opened the mail I was so surprised to see who it came back from! I saw the one card signed and just thought the other one I sent was returned unsigned until I flipped it over. Great return from the GOAT, sent this to espn

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