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Loved the original Legend of Zelda for Nintendo. Back then, it was such a blast trying to find the hidden things you needed to continue on to beat the game. The raft & the whistle that brought you to the castle at the end of the level. God was that a fun and entertaining game.

On Youtube, there is a series of video's of someone who taped a walkthrough of them playing & beating the game. This was one of the first series of video's I had actually watched on Youtube, when I signed up in 2010. Must've been in the neighborhood of 2 hours of watching it when my wife finally asked (in her Filipina accent): "Why are you watching this ? You're not even playing the game, you're just watching someone else play it." I just responded, "It's from my childhood and I absolutely love the game. If you'd rather have me waste money at the bar, plmk." That silenced her pretty quick.

Great contest, by the way !
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