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Here's the latest batch. After I scan what I got in today, I'll update my Set 1 which should be all in-hand now and maybe show what I've got for Set 2 in-hand. I have to admit, I'd really like to do a table-like display because the giant list of images sucks.

On another note, as all these come in, I'm getting a better understanding of what a ridiculous collection of sketch cards this is But I really like them

Ashleigh Popplewell - X-23

Natasa Kourtis - Thing

Danielle Gransaull - Thanos

Elvin Hernandez - Storm

Stuart Sayger - Storm

Stuart Sayger - Spider-Woman

Chris Foreman - Spider-Woman

Virginia "ArtofSin" Kakava - Rogue

Dan Borgonos - Nightcrawler

Wendy "Mashi" Chew - Luke Cage

Rodrigo Dos Santos - Loki

Jose Jaro - Iron Fist

Lee Kohse - Hulk

Ryan Kincaid - Green Goblin (definitely check out the bigger version of this)

Bienfier Flores - Elektra

Charles Holbert - Doctor Strange

Adrian Nelson - Daredevil

Charles Holbert - Daredevil

Ashleigh Popplewell - Cyclops

Lawrence Reynolds - Black Panther
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