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Originally Posted by coltsnsox07 View Post
Hey Bum Dawg, thought you might want to see a Spoon and napkin(people pay a couple thousand for this stuff) 'liberated' from Hitler's Berghof by a member of the 3rd Infantry(He always insisted they reached it first, the French, Easy Co and 101 Airborne arrived hours after them). I also have a large Banner with something written on it that I just can't make out, it was found in the rubble in Berlin.

Nice looking stuff, shame the names on that flag have faded (which is the writing you can't make out). That' would add some provenance to your pile.

Interesting collection of cut sigs to say the least. I'm a purist when it comes to documents though, IMO any historical document (not a post card or CDV) shouldn't be cut up for cards. Still a neat collection though.
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