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Originally Posted by benshobbies View Post
Thank you for posting. I have blocked you from bidding on my ebay items. If you can't wait 3-4 weeks for a package (the expected delivery time for an International package than I don't want to deal with you. Sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks in customs before they ship it to you! So now you have the card and the money! Really nice of you!
Bullocks, you little Hobbit! I have nothing, well at least I got my money back from Paypal. The seller had more than enough time to reply to any of my or eBay's messages and he choses not to do so, so why should I wait until I can't open a case at eBay anymore?!? A letter, and that is what the seller told me he would use - a letter, NOT a package- takes no more than 7 working days from the US to Europe. It's not my problem that your postal service, the USPS, has gone down the toilet in recent years. When I buy something from a seller, I expect to receive it. And if I don't receive it or there are any problems with the delievery I expect a seller to reply to my numerous messages instead of playing dead man!

And btw, what would I do with your sports cards anyway? Whipe my ass?!? That's all I can think of to do with sports cards! I'm collect NS only, you fool!

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