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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
Your feedback isn't glowing either, but I will say in the two times I tried making a deal with that member, it took him 4-5 days every time to get back to me, and half of those times when he finally did he would forget what we were talking about.
After that happened 2-3 times, I just stopped trying.
i had a misunderstanding on my neg, have 1100 + positive on feebay and perfect on SCF. Member finally contacted me saying it was returned to him, I hardly believe that. I gave him address 3 different times. I have held off on leaving feedback in case I actually get my card. Glad to hear he is extremely slow with everyone so that I might actually get my card. I do not think my post is unwarranted as I had 0 contact in over a week.
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