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Originally Posted by Haiku View Post
It's been a great week so far with spending time with family.
Later on we plan to have a chrome party with my nephews and my niece and open a case of chrome.
I told my newphews who are age of four & six that if they get a Gold Shiny card and if it says 1/1 on the back I'll give them $100, being so young they have no concept of money and I told them it's enough for them to buy 25 Ben & Jerry's ice cream cones and they both went nuts!!
My niece who is 15 is more savvy and she checked eBay and said
'I'm going to need more if I pull a superfractor'
I told ER if she pulls a Super of BOBIII or Luck, I'll give her $1k and now she has her eyes set off the big prize lol
Haiku, can I be your nephew? I can act like I'm 5 years old if you let me break a case chrome with ya .

In all seriousness, I'm sure you'll have fun. Make sure to post the results of the break on here!
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