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Default - 1985 WWF Pro Wrestling Stars Series 2

There are quite a few rookie cards in this set. The most expensive one would be the Randy Savage of course but there are a number of other one's that were great WWF stars.

There are a few like King Kong Bundy and Jim Neidhart where the cards are 90/10 centering almost every time and I am not sure if a mint set could ever be made.

In the big picture these cards will never be as popular as the Wrestling All Stars nor will any wrestling cards. That set is just a special situation that you can't compete with.

The problem with the Topps and OPC sets is they have so many action shots. One of the things that make the Wrestling All Stars so amazing is every card is of a performer and you don't have so many silly looking cards.

Obviously the print run is dramatically lower then any other popular set of cards from the 80's of any sport and that is a huge driving force behind the prices.

There seems to be more interest from a registry standpoint in the 1985 Topps and there are plenty of cards in that set that are very tough in strong condition. There is plenty of product available from that set so if someone wanted to get serious about putting a great set together they could but the investment costs would be high and you would really need to get a few people chasing it or it would be an expensive proposition with limited cost recovery.
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