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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
You want to make a thread on the guy previously and come in here and say how slow he was YET you left him positive feedback? You make absolutely no sense in my opinion. If I make a post on someone for pathetic service and/or potential issues Im not about to leave them glowing feedback as you have for the member in question.
Your opinion is noted. I am not attempting to defend him by any means but slow shipping in my book doesn't necessarily rate a negative as far as I am concerned. It seems here that any negative feedback left for someone who is just starting out, like myself or kingah, is a death sentence. I don't see a rulebook here that tells me that I have to leave negative feedback for any specific reason. I made my original thread because I felt that I could be getting scammed. As others have said, there may have been reasons he didn't tell me as to why he was slow shipping. I eventually recieved the cards, they were the correct cards, they weren't damaged or anything, and we continued on with our lives. I left positive feedback, not "glowing" as you would call it but positive and got none from him. Which seems like par for the course on blowout. I have left positive feedback for 11 deals made and only recieved 6 back. I created my thread to warn others and allow you all to make your own decision and made a mental note to myself not to deal with him again. I don't need to leave negative feedback every time something doesn't go exactly how I want it. I even held his name until the deal was done to ensure that I wasn't unfairly throwing him to the wolves. When I did release it, it was in order to allow you to make a decision on your own as to whether you want to deal with that person or not. I believe I was more than fair in my decision on how to handle it.
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