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Boomo is more then legit, I will vouch for him...... I do a lot of business in the same area of the northeast and not once have I heard anything bad about him or how he does business... I do understand why people would be cautious.. this hobby is full of crooks... but I will tell you Boomo is not one of them
thanks man, nope boomo is not one of them. This is a 50 case break over 4 days. Th eentire thing qwill be broadcast live on blog tv. There will be no boomo show, just the camera on the cards as i rip. if there is a hit i will show it for a quick sec. at the end of every case my collator will hand me all the big hits, and i will make a recorded video of them. There will be 50 videos made. I cannot believe how conspiracy theory everyone is, just incredible. Its going to be a machine like operation, planned for months. No cards are going to be stolen, scammed, or anything else. every pack shown. Now obv no one is going to watch for 4 straight days, but someone will always be around and i assure you it will be 100% shanannigan free. I hope my word works. thanks
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