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So here's the story on this one.

I've won about 150 lots from Boomo so far ... mostly the players nobody wants and the base and base chrome.

He's going to make good money on the autos because people don't know what they're doing. The Almora auction for base, refractor and blue autos is already up to $1,200 (Not even over yet!)

He's done a good job adding a "Gold, Orange, Purple, Red, Plate" Auto auction for each player. Odds suggest he'll pull just one of each player, and they're going for $500 +.

The odds in 50 cases is to pull 9 base, 4 refractor, 1.5 blues and if you think that adds up to $1,200 ... (And the auction isn't even over yet!) I'll make out nicely on the low end stuff, he's obliterating the high end stuff.
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