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Originally Posted by Haiku View Post
Very simple yet most people don't live by that concept.
I see too many sale threads on here that states
'PC card came up and I need to make a sale to obtain the card'
I personally disagree with that tactic,If you didn't have the funds to begin with you shouldn't be going out of your way to take a loss for a piece of cardboard that makes no impact in your personal life.
Just my two cents.
I don't necessarily agree with this

For me, if a PC Card comes up and I need funds for it, I look at what I have and say, what would I be willing to trade for that card if it were to show up on here, I then try to sell those for what I can to get the card.

If I have to sell those cards for a little less than they're worth to move them quick it's okay because I would have traded them straight up for that PC card
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