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Originally Posted by go_steelers07 View Post
i take it you don't follow baseball or prospecting?

when a player gets hot, that 50 cent base card easily turns into $3+....... and yes, 1000's will easily sell and be absorbed by the market.
i'm familiar with what your saying, I just didn't realize thousands and thousands of rookies would sell. it would seem that the throat would get cut on it, for example if you have 10k, you drop your price down to $3 where it could have been $20. whats the point just to load it until it explodes? there is only going to be X amount of people who buy a rookie card. not saying your wrong, just stating the way I view it and trying to understand more. for example, seemed like trout rookie cards went high because not as many people had them at the time, where as harpers went high then cooled off a bit? because it was new and so many of them? is that right?
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