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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
i'm familiar with what your saying, I just didn't realize thousands and thousands of rookies would sell. it would seem that the throat would get cut on it, for example if you have 10k, you drop your price down to $3 where it could have been $20. whats the point just to load it until it explodes? there is only going to be X amount of people who buy a rookie card. not saying your wrong, just stating the way I view it and trying to understand more. for example, seemed like trout rookie cards went high because not as many people had them at the time, where as harpers went high then cooled off a bit? because it was new and so many of them? is that right?
Yes, in the past at least, you could easily sell through 1000+ non-autoed prospect bowman chromes. When a prospect heats up, lots of 10 - 100 sell very easily. Larger lots, at times, can be even more in demand than their smaller counterparts.

Even with autographed versions, I've sold them in relative quantity. Multiple times, I've sold through over 200+ autographed chrome (base and parallels) of a single player in relatively short time periods (less than two weeks).

As for Harper and Trout, they spiked due to market demand. Harper was hot from the start, had a lot of media coverage and was playing very well for his age. Trout's stats were incredible - no one expected it but there were plenty of his cards available out there. While the amount of increase of Trout's cards was more than usual, there have been numerous players over the years to see significant increases during the season compared to what they could have been purchased for at an earlier time - Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria, Delmon Young, Phil Hughes, Jacoby Ellsbury, Wil Myers, Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Matt Kemp, Joe Mauer, etc.
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