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First up are some PSCs from George Galloway--I won the Phoenix and we had a slight PayPal issue and George threw in the Wolverine to make up for it, which I also really like.

Next group of Premiers--the Melo Ghost Rider is one of my top cards so far.

Wendy "Mashi" Chew - Wolverine

Kat Laurange - Wasp

Lee Kohse - Thanos

Marat Mycheals - Sabretooth

Ashleigh Popplewell - Red Skull

Jomar Bulda - Red Skull

Elvin Hernandez - Nightcrawler

Chadwick Haverland - Mystique

Stuart Sayger - Mr. Fantastic

Butch Mapa - Iron Man

OpticNerve - Iron Fist

Charles Holbert - Human Torch

Adriana Melo - Ghost Rider

Layron DeJarnette - Gambit

Chris Foreman - Deadpool

Dan Borgonos - Apocalpyse
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.

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