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Originally Posted by Trueduckfan View Post
Well I found the to autos that you sold me and said that you had shipped on ebay under another number within your state about 250 miles away from you?
I first checked eBay for the Mike Wallace and found it, I ask the seller how he obtained the card and he replied at a local card show a couple weekends ago, the asked me to check his completed listings for the Steve Smith auto and sure enough he had it!

So I'm not sure what to do as far as feedback. I had accidentally left you feedback that was intended for another memmber with similar name. You did refund my money but were reluctant to believe my story. As you were saying you did not Believe me that I never received the cards after you swore you ship them to me and since I had already left you feedback it was kind of suspicious.
I guess in the result is I finally got my money back but lose out on the cards I was looking forward to for a week and a half. And also feeling guilty because it did look like my story was suspicious since I had left you feedback before getting the cards.

The eBay member seemed to want to help so maybe Ill give me a good deal on them still.
Wait what? You could of PM'd me this immediately. What eBay member? It's literally impossible that they got them from a card show weeks ago. I packaged the cards up and sent them off myself.

I'm trying to read through what you wrote, what are you trying to say?

I need this eBay member's ID ASAP.
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