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Originally Posted by uberfatty View Post
Because pick structure changed before the draft happened. Can't go back and change it now atfer everyone drafts.

It's the same case as those who picked Sean Nolin autos in 2012 BC, only to learn after people started breaking that he was extremely SP'd and they may get nothing from the break. Sucks, but that's the chance you take with these things.

And all of that is before we get to the point that the slot says Half case of codes, and ~24 (meaning, expected around 24 but not guaranteed). Sucks, but hopefully the value of the codes does increase because of this. I think it will be modest, maybe a 30-50% increase rather than 100%.
The difference here is that Topps did not promote Sean Nolin as being 1:6 packs and then make him 1:12 cases.

For those that think the code cards are now worth double, thats an imposible equation to solve, so good luck. Don't forget these are also seeded in other products with different valuations.

I think most agree it sucks that topps made the bait and switch and since we have the ability to "make it right" since we sold the paper, why don't we.

I'm a little surprised no-one else sees my point, but either way the discussion is healthy.
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