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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
If you picked up a base slot of player X and for the oddest reason came out short through out all 20 cases because of a bad sort, is there anything you could do about it?
Originally Posted by uberfatty View Post
It's the same case as those who picked Sean Nolin autos in 2012 BC, only to learn after people started breaking that he was extremely SP'd and they may get nothing from the break. Sucks, but that's the chance you take with these things.
The major difference between this situation in the above noted situations is that you would not know of the above noted situations until after the cases were opened.

In the case of the code card situation, we know before the first box is even delivered.

With that said, I am OK with whatever decision (change, no change, compensation, no compensation, etc.) is made by houdini.
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