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Went back and did A little digging

Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
48 per case ... geesh. That's a total of 960 codes for this case break.

My vote is for Houdini to add two per draft spot / and keep the rest. (If the total is in fact 960)

Houdini then changed the default draft list after hearing comments and concerns with the anouncement of the Code cards.

Originally Posted by houdini View Post
I am changing the draft picks.

I am adding the rookie autos - 1 spot each for all 20 cases. (nice)

I am combining the Bowman Black/Dual auto spots into 1 spot for all 20 cases. (very nice)

I am removing the base and substituting a half case of code cards - should be 24 each spot that will be worth anywhere from $48 to $96ish each spot. I will not be typing or scanning the codes - they will be bagged and added to your packages.

The base WILL be sold to people in the break first and the money used to buy more product. The cards from extra product will be added to the spots... insert spots will get some too spread across all spots.
So we all make an assumption the code spots have a value of anywhere from $48 to $96ish each spot.

Now after we see some breaks and the code cards arent falling even close to the stated odds we have concerns.

(Houdini didnt state the odds so this is none of his fault)

I purposefully bought in to grab these code cards at approx. 24 per half case as some others did also.

Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
Trade Alert

NeedChapmans agrees to receive cash (received)
Zepsoso agrees to receive picks 204, 205, 207, 208, 209 (will confirm)

Thanks Houdini!

I am only stating this, and dont mean to cause any trouble for Houdini but things have changed in the value of 12 codes vs 24.

(again not Houdinis fault cards arent falling as stated odds were announced)

Im sure the prices arent going to go from
$48 to $96
$96 to $192

I'll accept whatever is done.
Just wanted to comment to see what everyone is thinking.

I am perfectlly happy with whatever cards I get.

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