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Originally Posted by Haze28 View Post
So you are the one that outbid me on that Hamilton book! LOL, I have started doing the same thing. I bought a lot here that had 2 PC items and I'm going to flip the others either in trade or sale and continue just picking up more PC cards from the product.

I watched a guy at my LCS bust 4 boxes and didn't get a single card he wanted, sad part was he refused to sell me a couple of the cards for slightly more than the going rate on eBay because he thought they were selling too low. He'd rather eat the whole thing than sell lower than he thinks it should be.
I don't see it as the guy eating the whole thing...right now supply is high and so many of the rip/flip people need to sell to pay for the next lottery ticket product. I think the people that can hold on to the really good cards are the smart ones...there will always be a demand for autos of the great players.
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