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Originally Posted by nordy22 View Post
Taking a code slot wasnt a gamble originally, i thought i knew what i was getting. 4 codes a case, i had these sold for $2+ a code. All you people here comparing slots isnt even relevant. Comparing base of a player to an insert makes no sense, there are odds on specific inserts, 1:6 supposedly is a code, missing a code here and there isnt mising half the product originally thought to have. Most of you probably dont care about the whole ordeal because you have 0-3 slots of these. And im fine with what whatever, but when you have 40+ slots of something that gets cut in half wouldnt you be disappointed/pissed? But its my fault for taking them so be it..........
Nordy, putting a Graduate Degree In Marketing to use (20 years removed), in my opinion this comes down to "supply & demand". The codes should have more of a value now that the SUPPLY has been shortened and the DEMAND is still present. I wish you the best of luck!
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