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Well my 2 cents for what it is worth is this:

1. I am annoyed by the codes situation, as it *looks* but we can't really base things off 2-3 cases that i have seen ripped thus far. I also bought spots in both houdini's breaks because i saw the value of the codes at $2-3 each and figured at 24 (or 16) codes that was easy money in some cases which now will probably end up a loss, but c'est la vie. Like anything else we live and we learn. This will probably just make me more apt to try out the gave with some of my codes and see how many packs I can pull.

2. I am personally going to send houdini a few bucks to help defray the cost of shipping, i just had to have my 14 cases overnighted to me as I took off of work tomorrow to rip and have no time thursday to do so. 14 cases cost me a touch over $500 to get overnighted so if everyone kicks in $5-10 we can more then cover the shipping cost increases. Obviously this is not something people *have* to do but it would be a nice gesture.

3. Thanks for all of the hard work houdini in hosting the draft and then breaking and then organizing and then shipping.
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