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They changed the rules for the sale, so the normal rules weren't in effect.

Basically, you paid 25 cents extra per card, and you can't get that money back.

Under ordinary circumstances, if you buy in Simplified Shipping Mode on COMC, you pay 25 cents extra for the card, but the card no longer has a handling fee. So, if you have the card shipped, you pay no handling fee. If you sell to someone else, the price you get is 25 cents higher than the price you would have gotten otherwise.

BUT>>> for the purpose of this one sale, they gave the 25 cents to the seller, and "free" shipping to the buyer, but the "free" shipping expired on Monday. If you had requested the card to be shipped before Monday at Midnight, then you would pay no handling fee on that shipment. BUT, if you ship it today, you'll have to pay 25 cents handling fee. If you flip the card now, you won't get that handling fee back.
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