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They're just overpriced for the minimal chance of hitting anything halfway decent.

Topps Chrome Football is a product similar to most Panini products - $100, 1 auto, a few refractors/numbered cards. Except unlike Panini you could possibly pull a 1/1 auto RC worth mega thousands (as well as many in the hundreds and above). The ONLY thing out of ALL of Panini's products that you could do that with is a Solid Gold from GS (priced much higher) or a high-end RC (like logoman) auto from NT (priced much much much higher).
The bang for buck just isn't worth it. And I'm not saying that you should get your money back from boxes, I'm just saying that for the crazy prices there should be a chance to hit SOMETHING good... that's not just a Kobe or Kyrie auto.....
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