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Originally Posted by hairyangryfella View Post
Nah, that's just crap.

If you didn't have the money to buy your kid boxes, how would he do it? Save and save and save up and then finally have enough to buy a box? And then not be able to trade what he got out of the box for anything.... because it's about 40% more expensive than it actually should be, and the kids (the ones who might accept the rubbish they've been putting out for so long) can't afford to buy them!
I agree the boxes don't hold consistent value, but really, the only thing they are missing is the potential 'Huge Hits'!

People get spanked by Upper Deck products regularly, but it was ok because they had a chance to get a Lebron or MJ. Panini's stuff lately has not carried any huge hits, except for the Solid Golds or Bullion Tags!

But the issue I have is why does Panini take ALL of the blame? I get the MAPP is their idea, but without it, the average LCS would not be able to compete with the online retailers and would all close down!

Also, the resale value of singles is determined by US! Not the manufacturer! We are the ones who no longer value base cards, standard inserts or GU cards!
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