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Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
probably because thats when they are working also...
Originally Posted by mrpivo01 View Post
Thanks Blowout Cards for running another game right in the middle of an east-coast work day.

Seriously. WTF? Do I need to quit my job to play? Is there some reason these have to take place during the day?


I feel your pain, I missed all three as well, but it doesn't feel as bad when you see some of the comments from the people who got stuck with stuff. Olympics set or a box valued around $100, that stings.

But it is a gamble and when we all see that $1000 gift card, man just think what we could all buy...a little bit of this a little bit of that.

There will be more promos, they run these a lot. And from the looks of it - it was a success because it filled up three times at $169/a spot is a pretty good day at the office. My math isn't real good but combined is over $75k in total sales.
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