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Originally Posted by tristan20 View Post
Anyone that thinks Panini products have value, obviously doesn't do must busting.

Break any Panini product and you instantly drop at least 50%, 99% of the time.

How many great busts do you see from Panini products? 1-5%? And usually the hit is a redemption which takes another 6 months to get.

Heck I would never bust another panini product ever! Even if they promise $100 bills in each box at $50 per box, it would be a redemption they cant fulfill and they would end up sending you some crappy $5 replacement.

And what are the HUGE hits in their products? A card that looks exactly like the last product they released which probably was probably 2 weeks old.

Panini needs to do a few things to get collectors to love them

1. Quit the cartoon looking Players! ITS UGLY AND Unreal!
2. Quit the Cutouts for stickers, makes no sense at all to cut a card and pop a sticker in there. Most are miscut windows that take away the beauty of the cards.
3. Quit the stickers on dark backgrounds, YOU CANT SEE THEM. Would rather have no sticker at all.
4. Quit the same images on every product! Using the same pictures / design and just changing the name doesn't make it any better
5. Quit the high prices, I understand Panini needs to make a profit. But hell it doesnt have to be a 99% profit, THE PRICES DON'T Justify the products!
6. Quit pumping out products within 2-3 weeks of one another, why compete with yourself? Combine a few products and make one good product.
7. Please start inserting the 1/1s in products (and not just advertising them when you aren't going to insert them), most of these huge hits are in Panini Black box which is given away at Nationals and have UGLY prints on them which state PANINI BLACK BOX.
They have value if you're smart about it (i.e. quit while you're ahead). That's how I've pulled 2 Kobe Autos, a John Wall RC Auto /25, and an Anthony Davis RC Auto for very reasonable prices.

Panini CS is great if you call them and ask for the right people, I got a Derrick Anderon crap rookie auto replaced with a Kevin Love GS Jersey Auto. You just have to know how to work their system.

Just wait for Absolute/TT/[NT?] to come out, then tell me there aren't any huge hits.

1. Okay I'm pretty sure nobody has any idea what you're talking about, I've seen this complaint posted at least 3 times now. I'm pretty confident these are in fact photographs.

2. Panini stopped making the cutouts for stickers. See 11-12 Gold Standard.

3. Yeah, this was a problem with some on-card autos, then they fixed it.


I haven't seen any of these sticker issues, but this proves that Panini acknowledges that a blue auto has to be on a bright surface, so if there is an issue, anticipate it to be fixed in upcoming products. I haven't seen anything bad though.

4. Yeah okay so that's just not true, different images are used in every product (maybe a couple exceptions, I'd like to see them if they exist)

5. Agree with this

6. People buy it, it makes money. Plus I love having variety. Also, Panini's high end products haven't been released yet, so it's not really fair to say they don't have any good products.

7. Same thing, it's early in their 11-12 releases so they're keeping things at lower value to make the 1/1's released in higher end products that much more valuable.

I'm not trying to say Panini is perfect, but you don't give them enough credit.
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