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I'm not upset at Boomo, the way he listed his auctions, or anyone other than Topps.

It's the same situation as if I paid $1,200 for the Almora Base/Ref/Blue Auto spot and Topps decided not to make a Base or Refractor Auto (and I was left with a $1,200 Blue Auto)

Boomo designed these auctions to take the risk out. You buy the Orange - Plate for risk, you buy the Base - Gold because you know what you're getting. I purchased the Bowman's Best lots under the impression that the odds to hit them we're 1:6.

That is not the case, I request a refund. I feel it's fair and if anyone here paid $1,200 for $100 worth of cards, even before they we're opened, you all would feel the same way.
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