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I bought a pre-sale set that was completely eliminated.

When you pre-sell something on eBay that you don't have, and then you don't get it, you refund the buyer. Simple as that IMHO.

I'm not trying to play word games with the auction, this is not me buying a "redeemed" redemption card. Boomo and every buyer on those auctions believed they would receive 48 base cards in 50 cases per player and that's not the case.

Truth be told it's not my issue with Topps. Hell it's not even Boomo's issue with Topps. It's whomever Topps shipped the cases to's issue.

Right now, my issue is with Boomo, and Boomo only. He did nothing wrong, but he is responsible for my and everyone elses auctions won, if the product he is pre-selling changes.
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