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Guys, I'm not going to file a chargeback, or leave negative feedback or anything of the like.

My play here is for Boomo to recognize that people that bought the 50 Bowman's Best auctions (38 of 'em right here) are due a refund because Topps did not produce a base set. He's pre-sold a product that he didn't have, and now will not have and this the buyers should be due a refund.

It's not as if he'll have to go and re-list hundreds of auctions ... his 50 case break will yield 60 cards most likely and he can sell them individually when the group break is complete.

It's not his fault, I don't feel it's my fault, but he must compensate as it was his auction.

Houdini, my apologies, back to this break. You're call if anything changes, I'm good either way and I hope the other Bowman's Best slot pickers are OK as well.

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