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WOW, i mean just really WOW. Not in a big of a pinch as boomo, or topps (if they really are even worried, i have the worse experience with their customer service) but i have learned recently the old saying don't count your chickens before they hatch must of been said by someone very wise. I was asking you guys a couple weeks back which cases i should get for my first two buys because i was going to be able to do so finally with a little financial help from a second job i had picked up. (we bought some property by carolina stadium and have been parking cars on the home games) Weeeeeeeeeeell the reason you guys havent seen any exciting post, had to replace the entire Hvac system in my home....................there goes my case money. Would of been 10 times as bad also because the night of it happening i was actually on blowout about to go ahead and lock in the cases because the money was in my paypal and i would just put it back......... BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE lol so being 24 years old just another shitty life lesson and less cardboard for me to have fun with..... Thanks for the listen guys.. Cam
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