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Originally Posted by bdrr View Post
Okay, I have to disagree with you here. I'm a collector. People give me #@#@#@#@ for refusing to sell cards in my collection. And yet, I hate Panini.

Because they make #@#@#@#@. Why would I want to collect #@#@#@#@? Just because they make it doesn't mean it's worth having. Maybe the reason everybody is just selling is because there is nothing being made actually worth keeping?
Could that not be said about every product? I mean if you are suggesting that anything being sold and not kept is considered garbage then just about everything is garbage.

I thought UD was garbage. But you didnt see me start 100 threads in discontent. Its really starting to get old. Every day someone is crying foul that they cant get what they want for a price they wanted for. If you dont like Panini, thats fine. But to leverage that to get people to stop buying it because they love it is the wrong attitude. I stopped collecting because UD was bilking people out of money with exquisite. THey turned a hobby into a money making cash cow for investors while raping collectors to death. They ruined it for kids by offering $500/packs. Kids can afford to drop $500 for 5 cards? Right!! It is what it is.
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