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BOX 4:

Tom Brady Insert - TB8 (016/629)

Adrian Peterson Insert - AP9 (126/629)

Base Refractors:
Joseph Addai
Travis Henry
Matt Leinart
Torry Holt
Willie Parker
Jerricho Cotchery
LaDanian Tomlinson
Osi Umenyiora
Jamal Lewis

"Color Refractors":
Santana Moss (Green) 163/299
Wes Welker (Green) 266/299
Terrell Owens (Green) 234/299
Hines Ward (Gold) 22/50

Finest Moments:
James Hardy
Lawrence Taylor
Rashard Mendenhall
Chad Henne (Refractor)
Marshawn Lynch (Refractor)
Barry Sanders (Refractor)
LaDanian Tomlinson (Blue) 44/299 (2nd Pull)
Jonathan Stewart (Green) 193/199

Erik Ainge (Refractor) 267/699
Chris Long (Refractor) 096/699
Allen Patrick (Refractor) 344/699

Matt Forte (RC)
Allen Patrick (RC)
Malcolm Kelly (FINEST MOMENTS)

I posted some colored refractors and Auto's on the Bay just hit my link. If you don't see it please just ask. Thanks for looking!
PC HOF's & ROY's Rookies & Auto's...Always looking for the next potential HOFer!
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