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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
So does Panini. You want a a $60 box of cards? Go buy Hoops and stop crying.

Quality and design are subjective. Your taste in design and what qualifies as good doesnt mean it will for others.
Are you really going to compare what comes out of Hoops to what came out of UD?

Same Day Signatures?
On-card Autograph Jersey cards?
Jordan autos?
LeBron autos?

That's what $60 got you with UD.

Hoops gets you 2 sticker autos of benchwarmers.

That's the point I'm making. You're completely failing to understand the argument. There was actually value in UD. The "kids" you care so much about actually had a chance to get something NICE. With Hoops, they may as well eat their money.
Collecting HoF autographs

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