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Originally Posted by bdrr View Post
Are you really going to compare what comes out of Hoops to what came out of UD?

Same Day Signatures?
On-card Autograph Jersey cards?
Jordan autos?
LeBron autos?

That's what $60 got you with UD.

Hoops gets you 2 sticker autos of benchwarmers.

That's the point I'm making. You're completely failing to understand the argument. There was actually value in UD. The "kids" you care so much about actually had a chance to get something NICE. With Hoops, they may as well eat their money.

You cant put MJ and Lebron into the mix. They are exclusive. If they werent UD wouldnt stand a chance to even compete period. The ONLY reason their product sells is based on lebron and MJ autos.

By the way, what product came out at $60 and had MJ autos and Lebron Autos since 2009?

UD is the same as Panini when it comes to product. Their low end is not popular and their high end sells. Thats says more about collectors than it does about card companies. All it tells me is that its all about the $$!! Exactly what my point has been all along.

Panini is doing a great job competing without 2 of the best selling auto players not in their product. That was more than enough reason for topps to bail as they knew they stood no chance without Kobe, MJ and Lebron. Just goes to show how much Panini is has going against it self and still can put out product that sells.

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