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In terms of the number of quality sketches that came in today, I'm pretty sure this is a mailday that I won't top for some time.

First up, decided to pickup up some Cherry sketches by Ashleigh Popplewell:

Next: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: "GET A GLEBE" This one is signed by both Mick and Matt.

This group of Marvel Premier sketches is pretty damn awesome. Highlights are the Carrillo Ghost Rider and Laurange Elektra, but there are several that are really nice this time.

Randy Martinez - Apocalypse

Joel Gomez - Deadpool

Bukshot - Doctor Strange

Kat Laurange - Elektra

Jaime Carrillo - Ghost Rider

Lak Lim - Ghost Rider

Ashleigh Popplewell - Human Torch

Cal Slayton - Iceman

Danielle Gransaull - Invisible Woman

Chris Foreman - Mr. Fantastic

Natasa Kourtis - Ms. Marvel

Elvin Hernandez - Ms. Marvel

Lawrence Reynolds - Mystique

Harold Edge - Professor X

Elvin Hernandez - Psylocke

Lawrence Reynolds - Punisher

?? - Silver Surfer

Butch Mapa - Spider-Man

James Riot - Thanos

Cyrus Mesarcia - Thor

Kat Laurange - Venom

Mark Morales - Wasp

Ryan Kincaid - Wasp
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