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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
Hi Jeremy! Thank you for your response.

As I see things now, on, the card shows as $1.88 plus 25 cents shipping, but shows as $2.38 on COMC in "simplified shipping mode". In "advanced reseller mode", it shows as $1.88 plus 50 cents shipping. On checkoutmycards, the card shows as the cheaper card. On COMC, it shows as the more expensive.

When I go to adjust the price on in simplified shipping mode, it shows $2.13 plus 25 cents shipping, under "you own this item", but it shows as $1.88 plus 50 cents shipping under "item details".

If I switch to "advanced reseller mode" I see the price as $2.13 plus 25 cents shipping, or $2.38. Yet, it also shows as cheaper than the other guy's card at $2.14.

Suppose the card sells at full asking price. How much do I get? $1.88? $2.13?

Suppose someone makes a 50% offer while in simplified shipping mode. What's the lowest they can offer? 94 cents plus 25 cents? $1.07 plus 25 cents? 94 cents plus 50 cents? And what amount would I get? 94 cents? $1.19 (94 cents plus 25 cents)? $1.07?

Hi, checkoutmydeals.
Whew, that's a lot of numbers! Sticking to your example item: a card you would like to make $1.88 on when it sells.
When you bought this item through the sale in Simplified Shipping mode you paid X + $0.25 where X was the profit the original seller wanted. X goes to the seller and the $0.25 covers the sellers Black Friday restocking credit. Then COMC chips in another $0.25 to pay for the card to be shipped.
Whe the card is transferred to your inventory the computer then does a check: was this card purchased through a sale? If yes, mark it as having had its shipping paid, but increase the cost of shipping by $0.25. This has the duel effect of still letting you ship it to yourself for a flat $3 but not letting the card be sold back to its original account for the same price (if not for this check, someone could have created a second account during Black Friday and easily generated a free profit of $0.25/card for themselves while retaining their inventory).

The important part is that as a seller you will always get your asking price. The site will appropriately adjust the list price of the card depending on the buyer's settings, but when you say "I want $1.88 for this card" that's what you'll get.
You're correct that there's a bug where the final price does not display the same between COMC and checkoutmycards for items bought during the promo that are now being flipped. The fix would cost us a few thousand dollars in development hours and checkoutmycards is being phased out soon, so we decided to leave it alone, but it does mean that if you find a card flipped from the sale on checkoutmycards you can buy it for a quarter less. The seller isn't affected by this bug, though - they get the same profit.
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