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Default Griswold Rinkwraith entry contest #6

Are you serious, Clark?

C is for Clark
C is for Christmas
C is for cunnil[edit...nevermind]
C is for Captain

And what's better to combine that than Captain Serious, Jonathan Toews of Clark's hometown Chicago Blackhawks!!! And you'll have tons of opportunities to pull him in the ITG box of Captain C (donated by cousin mmbtvs) or his YG rookie in 07-08 UD Series 2 boxes or in UD 10/11 Series 2 blaster boxes (he's on the box front).

So now Cousin Eddie's confused, he wants to know who should win and the only thing he can think of is determining who Santa should visit this year, so Eddie wants to know;

1) Were you naughty or nice this year? And if you were naughty did it involve the rubber suits [Eddie, stop that.....]

That's all you need to do, simple. Contest runs until 12/3 at 5pm EST. All entries will be randomed to determine winners.

[Hey guys, Clark here, and I also want to say that C is for Comaraderie which this board provides plenty of making it one of the best forums out there. For that I'mm adding 3 comrades to the winners list;


Good luck guys!]
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