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Originally Posted by neon_tiger View Post
its says maximum orders per day has been exceeded.. are they all sold out?????? my friend wants to order some

anyone having the same issue??
Were you both trying to order from the same computer? You may have still been logged into your account when trying to add additional boxes to your "cart". You would have had to clear your cookies and history, then you would have been able to order 2 more under a different user.

Originally Posted by icancu202 View Post
Completely understand. I should have just followed the guidelines you enforced. I order 2 boxes a few weeks ago and 1 today. Will just the one I ordered today be cancelled? Hate to lose my other order as well.
I am sure that the one box order today will be canceled and your first order of 2 boxes will stand for a total of 2 boxes.

Originally Posted by neon_tiger View Post
any binders Miranda???
She has repeatedly avoided this question on numerous occasions, so I would lean towards the negative. No binders.

Originally Posted by buckycap View Post
Hi Miranda,
Is there a way to get a combined shipping refund if I bought 1 box last round and 1 box this round and paid the $8.73 shipping charge both times?
I am sure that your shipping will be combined for two total boxes and partially refunded...Assuming Cryptozoic runs a good shipping business.
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