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Default BF box of 2011 Bowman Draft-Nothing left huh??? Wow!!! Pic added

I bought 2 boxes on Black Friday, the 2012 Chrome posted earlier and this 2011 Bowman Draft. After buying it I read posts that said nothing was left and was kind of bummed. Oh well, draft has always been good to me and I enjoy it so oh well. I wish you got more chrome RCs instead of all the USA and RC cards. I pulled the auto early so I was hoping for an additional hit. It never came but it turned out alright :-) Here are the hits:

blue paper-Charlie Furbush 100/499
RC refs-Henry Sosa, Pedro Beato and Mark Hamburger
1st BC Ref-Harold Martinez, Kyle Crick and Blake Swihart

auto-Francisco Lindor
Thought that was a solid hit and I was done. Nope!

Think it was 3 packs later (really should post a pic but don't have time right now) I pulled....

Mike Trout-Orange Refractor 13/25!!!! WOW!! It's beautiful.

As soon as I saw the orange I thought hope it's Trout but Nah! Then I saw the RC logo in the corner. Still have a chance! and sure enough it was Trout. Needless to say I'm really happy and not sure what to do with it. Sell it? Grade it? Trade it? Gotta get a pic for everyone.
BTW-Pulled an orange auto from a blaster at the release. Orange cards love me I guess.
Thanks for reading!

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