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Default Case of prism in!!! 1st box results

Ok guys, in hand now, don't think I'll bust them all but heres what box one yielded, ok box, not a financial winner tho:

Autos- Kenny Anderson, Greg Steimsma
Prizms- Jon Shurna (? he didn't make the roster, I'm a Knick fan I know!), Bismack Biyombo, Terrence Jones
Inserts- Wes Unseld MVP, Ray Allen Downtown Bound, Ray Allen Finalists
Rookies- a lot including Lillard and Irving

These insert sets might actually be worth something down the road, and the prizms are extremely nice. Autos on sticker tho

I'll post my results here throughout the night
Mateo, Gleyber, Frazier --- OH MYYYYYYYY!
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