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Default Case Break - UD Marvel Premier

Really fun time...probably keeping the FF panel and Daredevil.

Base - 13, 14, 15, 18, 22, 29, 35, 43, 45, 47, 48, 50x2

Box 1
Amazing Spider-Man #1 patch
Iron Man Emotion by Jason Adams
Dark Phoenix by Dan Borgonos
Vision 2-panel by Lord Mesa

Box 2
Spider-Man vs The Lizard shadowbox
Iceman by Lawrence Reynolds
Thanos by Jomar Bulda
Wolverine 2-panel by Benito Gallego

Box 3
Sub-Mariner vs Hulk shadowbox
Captain America emotion by Jason Adams
Storm by Cyrus Mesarcia (Messercia)
Green Goblin 2-panel by ???

Box 4
Secret Wars #1 patch
Iron Man vs. Mandarin shadowbox
Cyclops by Danielle Gransaull
Spider-Man 2-panel by Lawrence Reynolds

Box 5
Sub-Mariner #1 patch
She-Hulk magenta printing plate 1/1
Daredevil by Wils Villano
Fantastic Four 3-panel by Michael Locoduck Duron

Box 6
Daredevil #1 patch
Elektra by Antonio Brandao
Wolverine 4-panel by Jon Racimo

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