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Originally Posted by Imac7065 View Post
The Spurs Heat game could have been a Finals preview.. and in the very least.. would have been a marquee game for the League on an otherwise bland sports night.

This was bad enough that David Stern has already come out and said he plans to sanction the spurs for this... so you know he's pissed.

IMO it's pathetic. If this were March, or even January.. that would be one thing.. but this is what, game 15 for them? Just unbelievable.

BTW... in case you were locked in a closet today.. the Spurs sent Duncan, Parker, Ginolbilil, and Green home instead of dressing them against the Heat. He Cited age and health as the reasons

It doesnt bug me. I understand it sucks for the fan to not be able to see "there" team play a big game or on the other side have a worthy opponent that evening but coach knows best.

If he feels his old guys need a rest maybe before an upcomming cirtical stretch of games again (IDK there schedule but maybe?) then he is the one that has taken them to the championship game before and deep into the playoffs year in and year out.

I understand both sides of it though. But, really seems that he should be able to run his team as he feels fit to be successful.

How bout the bone-head move to toss Humphries out of that Brooklyn-Boston game guys? I watched the replay a few times over and it looked to be just a somewhat hard foul on KG and had no intention of harming him or dragging him down. I thought he fouled him and kept his hand on KG to make sure he didnt get the "and one", turned his back to watch the ball while NOT FOCUSING ON GARNETT AS IF HE MIGHT TAKE HIM DOWN OR SHOVE HIM and KG either lost his balance or SOLD the push or faked it.

Then KG gets up in his face along with Rhondo shoving Humphries and picking the fight. Im not a Brooklyn fan by any means but that was REDICULOUS to throw him out as well. Should have been Rhondo ejected and both Wallace and Garnett T'd up for the extra skirmish and Wallace tossed for fighting. All though I couldnt see how involved KG was in the fight or retaliation? Dont think he got too much into it therfore a technical at most for his involvement.

Seems like they went overboard and really tried to take it to the Nets and getting too carried away with a common foul that in my eyes was nothing more.

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