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Whatever we do, I really would like some Prime in there as it hits great. I addition I wouldnt mind some mix with titanium. Also, if the 9 buyer situation happened, how would you classify the 3 'worst' teams as some people might have different viewpoints on that.

Also, I don't think anyone on here is a Panthers fan from what I can see... I know they are not too desirable in some peoples eyes and they are my favorite team so I have a proposal:
If its ok with everyone, I would for example, 'claim' the panthers as one of my 3 teams at the start. In theory, this could possibly help other people have better odds of getting a more desirable team since one of their slots wont have the chance of being 'wasted' by getting the Panthers in the case of a random team draw. In short, if its a team that no one wants why not give it to someone who wants it for a PC and not to profit off of.

let me know your thoughts on that. Again, its just an idea.
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